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Who can be seen at this clinic

Under NHS rules I’m not allowed to see any patients registered with Glastonbury Surgery as that is where I work as a GP partner. 

I can see women via video link if they are over the age of 18 and residing in the UK but not women living in the Channel Islands. Those living locally may have the option of a face to face appointment in my clinic in Wells, depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

If you have had a hormone dependent cancer (breast cancer, endometrial cancer or certain types of ovarian cancer) I’m afraid I’m unable to prescribe HRT for you unless I have written agreement from your oncologist. However we can discuss other treatment options and lifestyle changes to help with your symptoms. Long-term local (vaginal) oestrogen is usually still a safe option.

The initial consultation

I offer a 1 hour consultation to discuss your experience of the menopause, medical history and how your symptoms can be improved. I can advise on starting HRT or trying different HRT preparations if you are not getting on well with your current regime. We can also discuss your general health and lifestyle and look at ways of improving your health and wellbeing going forward.

I will send you a summary of your consultation with other information leaflets as indicated. With your approval I will then post a copy of the summary to your GP for your NHS records.

After the consultation

Everyone responds differently to HRT and there may need to be several adjustments in type and dosage over the first year or so. You can email me with any questions after your appointment or once you have started HRT (no extra charge over the first 3 months).

Follow up consultations

I offer a review after about 3 months to see if any changes to your treatment need to be made. You will need an annual review while on HRT. I am very happy to continue to see you privately or you can arrange this on the NHS with your GP.

Symptom Checker

There are so many different symptoms caused by falling oestrogen levels, some of which may be a surprise to you or your doctor. This symptom checker  (click to download or open)  may be useful to print off and fill in if you are having a GP consultation. If attending my clinic, we will go through these symptoms during the consultation – filling it in beforehand is optional and can be done online here. It will be sent to the clinic automatically but you will then need to book a consultation to discuss your symptoms.

Fees from 1.6.2021

New patient video consultation – 45 minutes (includes a detailed letter to you and your GP, information leaflets and follow-up emails if you have questions over the first 3 months) £220

Follow-up video consultation after 3 months (sooner if needed) or annual follow-up – 20 minutes £100

Charge for issuing a private repeat prescription if not part of a consultation (only if you are having appropriate monitoring) £30

Oestrogel telephone consultation for current patients £40 (see STOP PRESS below for further information).

How to book an appointment

Appointments can be made easily via a secure online medical system called Heydoc. Once you have made an appointment you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to click on at the agreed time to activate the video. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes of booking, please do check in your junk mail and if not there do email the clinic to let us know. If you would prefer a telephone consultation please email the clinic AFTER booking.

In the unlikely event of the video technology not working at the time of your consultation, I will telephone you – we can then talk on the phone or via FaceTime or Zoom, whichever you prefer.

Payment will be requested via the payment processor STRIPE at the time of booking. If you prefer to pay by a different method you will need to email the clinic BEFORE booking.

Cancellation policy Cancellations with at least 48 hours notice will be fully refunded within 5 – 10 working days. If under 48 hours notice, the refund will be 50% of the fee.

Please fill in the medical questionnaire before your first appointment. The link for this is in your booking confirmation email. There is no need to fill this in if you have booked a follow up consultation.

Clinics currently run on Monday afternoons and some Saturday mornings.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021 I’m aware that I am almost fully booked for the next few months. If you are a current patient having problems or you can’t find a suitable follow up appointment before you will run out of your medication, please email the clinic. If you are a potential patient and would like to be added to the waiting list in case of cancellations or added clinics, please also email the clinic.


Please see my Instagram posts from 5.9.21 and 6.9.21. If you feel your Oestrogel is no longer working for you, please email me. I am arranging 15 minute telephone consultations to discuss other options and sort out a private prescription if needed. I will also send a summary email to you to send on to your GP.

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