Individualised and evidence-based advice to support you through the menopause and beyond

Consultation Information

First appointment for new patients

I offer a consultation (50 minutes minimum) by secure video link to discuss your symptoms, medical history and options for treatment. I can advise on HRT if appropriate and discuss different HRT doses or preparations if you are not getting on well with your current regime. We can also assess your  current lifestyle and I can offer advice on improving your health and well-being going forward. A GP referral is not needed. You will be asked to fill in a detailed medical questionnaire before your appointment and I will email you a summary of your consultation and other relevant information afterwards.

Follow up appointments

Everyone responds differently to HRT and you may need several adjustments in type and dosage over time. You can email me with any questions after the appointment or once you have started or changed your HRT (no extra charge for emails for the first 3 months). This is not for emergencies. I will aim to reply within 10 working days.

You will need a review appointment at 3 months to see if any adjustments need to be made. If I am prescribing for you, this review will need to be with me. If your GP is providing NHS prescriptions and all is going well this can be via your GP instead. You will then need at least an annual review, either with your GP or at the clinic.

Fees from 1.2.2024 

New patient video consultation – minimum of 50 minutes, includes detailed letter to you and your GP, information leaflets and follow-up emails if you have any questions over the first 3 months. Suitable for new patients wanting to start HRT, optimise their HRT or consider adding in testosterone £275

Follow-up video consultation after 3 months (sooner if needed) or annual follow-up – minimum of 20 minutes £175 

Charge for issuing a private repeat prescription  – only charged when not part of a consultation £30 

Charge for writing a letter – only charged if not part of a consultation £30

Am I covered by my private health insurance?

Menopause consultations are not usually covered by private insurance companies as it is considered a natural part of life but it is worth checking the details of your policy. I’m not registered with any insurance company.


I can issue private prescriptions for HRT, vaginal oestrogen, contraception and other related medication, with advice on HRT prices and current availability. I’m not able to issue any NHS prescriptions at this clinic.

To get your medication issued you can use a private online service such as CloudRx or the Independent Pharmacy, who can post your medication to you, or your local pharmacy. Another option is to see if your GP is happy to issue an NHS prescription. Not all GPs are able to prescribe testosterone so you might need an ongoing private review and prescription for this.



Blood tests to check hormone levels are not usually required if you are aged 45 or over but can be useful under this age and are essential if under the age of 40. However hormone levels do fluctuate so you may still benefit from HRT even if they are normal.
Hormone levels are sometimes useful to check how well you are absorbing your HRT and are very important before starting testosterone treatment and for monitoring the levels.
Your GP may be happy to do any necessary blood tests on the NHS. If this is not possible I can advise you on the options for getting private blood tests.

Communicating with your GP

You do not need a referral from your GP to come to this clinic. It is helpful to have any recent blood tests, blood pressure readings, height and weight available for your appointment. I will send you a summary of your consultation and, once you are happy with this, I will post it to your GP for your medical records.

About myself

 I started this private menopause clinic in 2019, initially based in a dental surgery in Wells and now providing just online consultations. I have been an NHS GP for over 30 years and have worked at Glastonbury Surgery since 2002. I am now concentrating on my menopause work and have set up and run the Somerset NHS Menopause Service. I also provide educational sessions for health care professionals in Somerset, advising on recognising menopausal symptoms, the benefits of lifestyle changes, HRT and local oestrogen and tackling some of the prescribing myths.

I have the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care from the the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, part of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. I am recognised as a Menopause Specialist by the British Menopause Society and am a member of their Medical Advisory Council.

I’m also a member of the International Menopause Society and the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum. I’m a Diplomate of both the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

You can follow me on Instagram @menopausehealth 

Dr Juliet Balfour
Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care
BMS recognised Menopause Specialist